Commonly Leased Equipment

To drive growth in a highly competitive market, players in the insurance industry must innovate. To support innovation, organizations must maintain up-to-date technology, modern office spaces, and updated software policy & full suite systems. These tools will support growth by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and attracting top talent.

Of course, new equipment and technology requires an investment – which can be a challenge.


In our division, all we do is serve insurance companies, so we understand the challenges you are facing and we are committed to being a part of the solution. Our knowledge and experience give us the unique ability to tailor our offerings based on exactly what you need to help run and grow your business.

Technology + Software

  • Computer hardware
  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Software Policy + Full Suite Systems
  • AV equipment
  • Phone systems
  • Copiers, printers, multi-function devices


  • Servers
  • Infrastructure
  • Disaster recovery
  • WAN and storage accelerators
  • Data back-up systems
  • Data Encryption Systems
  • SIEM Systems

Facility Upgrades

  • Office Buildouts
  • Furniture + Fixtures
  • Sustainability 
  • HVAC
  • Boilers + Chillers
  • Generators
  • Elevators

Integrity + Smarts

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